5 Things We’re Thankful for this Thanksgiving

East-West media is more than just a billboard company. We are a locally owned, family run enterprise focused on serving and befriending the people directly around us. As we look towards Thanksgiving, we want to look back on all the things we’re thankful for this year, you included.

5. Guilt-Free Overeating

Who has ever experienced the bittersweet feeling of overeating followed by leaning way back in a comfy recliner after thoroughly enjoying a Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends!? It’s not hard to be thankful for time around a table with the ones we love the most. We are thankful for any reason to gather together and overeat guilt-free this holiday season.

4. East Tennessee Fall Colors

Nothing beats a relaxing afternoon drive through Southeast Tennessee – soaking up the cool, crisp, fall air and seeing the beautiful colors the mountains we love offer up.  “Nature’s first green is truly gold” in Cleveland, Ooltewah, Athens, Etowah, Sweetwater, Madisonville, Loudon, and Lenoir City, TN. We feel lucky every time we step outside this time of year.

3. Our Warm Communities

Another thing we love and are thankful for is our warm communities. The communities of Cleveland, Ooltewah, Athens, Etowah, Sweetwater, Madisonville, Loudon, and Lenoir City and the people that make them up are what make this region so special. Our people are some of the friendliest and most helpful people in the country.

2. Our Employees

East-West Billboards could not serve Southeast Tennessee without our hard working employees.  Creativity begins and thrives when our team works together to serve our clients. Bobby Mizer, Brad Mizer, Charlie Mizer, Kristi Clenney, Heath Grisham, Sam Mizer, Teresa Thompson, Chad Savage, Chris Garmon, Taylor Barselou, and Sarah Mizer get the job done for our clients. We are very thankful for each of them.

1. Our Customers

Without our loyal customers, East-West Billboards would not be Southeast, TN’s largest family-owned advertising and marketing company. Words, pictures, and billboards alone cannot express how thankful we are for our customers. We appreciate your support over the last 15 years and look forward to many more. Happy Thanksgiving!

If we haven’t connected with you personally this year, we would love to hear from you this holiday season even if it’s just to say hi. You most likely already have a way to contact us but if not please reach out to us here.

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