Put Your Advertising Dollars Where They Count

Did you know?


80% of consumers look at billboards "often"


91% of online display ads are never seen due to ad blockers and advertising blindness


46% of consumers say they've googled a brand after viewing it's billboard advertisement

You can spend your advertising dollars in many  ways, so which should you choose? A study by Nielsen shows that billboard advertising results in more online activity per dollar spent than TV, radio, and print.

Nielsen's findings hold a few key takeaways for those seeking to get the most bang for their advertising buck.

80% of US residents age 16 and older noticed billboard advertising and 62% have noticed it in the past week.
Roadside billboards are the most noticed ads, with travelers averaging 18+ hours on the road each week and covering roughly 135 miles.
82% of billboard viewers make a point to look at the advertising message at least some of the time.
Over 1/3 look at the billboard each time or almost each time they noticed one.
40% have noticed a directional billboard to a specific service with 40% of those heading straight to the service indicated.
Nancy Fletcher, the president of the Outdoor Advertising Association of America has said that a billboard campaign’s “…connection to digital media is undeniable,” and that billboards “…boost online engagement more than other traditional media can.“

In addition, billboards have the ability to point customers to your website, the place where your vital information is housed. A stunning 46% of Americans looking up information they’ve seen on a billboard and 40% visiting a Facebook page related to a billboard they’ve seen. As a result, it’s easy to see why billboards are more important than ever.

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